White Feathers & Angels


I don’t know about anyone else, but I believe that there is alot more to us than our skin and bones, our brains, and our bodies.  I am in the “camp” that thinks that we also have a subtle energy body around us ( sometimes called “the aura” ) and that what is more we each have a “Higher Self”.

In my opinion, honestly, the “Higher Self” is a high awareness or consciousness, and by “high” I mean it is not even actually in the brain, but it is instead located in an energy field above the physical body but is connected by a stream of light to the physical body.  This “Higher Self” itself is connected to the spark of the divine that imbued itself within physical form.  There are many opinions and beliefs about the “Higher Self” and about the Monad and Souls and so forth, and how they all connect to groups and so forth, but in a nut-shell, I say that Her Majesty Me is a spiritual being in human form.

This spiritual being has a mental and feeling and physical component within the visible tangible structure of the body, but also has a higher awareness in the “Higher Self” and this connection is sometime experienced whether she knows it or not.  When you are relaxed and in flow, the voice of the “Higher Self” is a subtle knowing or even a word or a phrase that pops up in your “mind”, or it is a compulsion or a “feeling” that you should do something that will help you in a positive way.

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