Typewriter Cat

One day not too long ago, I thought I could remember when I was a lot younger that we kids liked to use the manual typewriter to type out pictures. Then I recalled when I was at school and learned “the art or skill of typewriting” and the course also introduced us to “typewriter art”.

To be honest, I was good at typewriting or typing – text or that is – letters and documents and such stuff. I quickly learned “touch typing” and boy did us girls give that carriage return a hefty whirl when we tried to be the most fastest and accurate touch typist!   Today I can probably touch type approx. 50 ( fifty ) words per minute.  If you want to learn how to touch type, there’s a free lesson on the internet  HERE.

I was awarded the Honor Certificate in Year 11 for best student in typewriting. Soon after that, Dad got the family a golf-ball typewriter. Wow, the whole family was so impressed and I remember we all had to line up to try it out. I respected & loved that super-duper electronic golf-ball typewriter.


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