Annoying people on the Train or Bus

Every work day I plod along to the train station and get on the train to the CBD.  I always get a seat because I get on at the start of the line, hooray, however when I return home from the CBD the train is packed.  Usually I do get a seat because I squirm my way on.  What annoys me the most is someone tapping his foot on the floor, which sets up a vibration, and well, is just – annoying to me.  The other thing that really annoys me no end is people placing their bags ( mostly women with handbags ) on the seat next to them, even in peak hours, so someone has to ask them to move their bag so that someone can sit down.

Go in the Poll to choose up to 3 highly annoying things you experience on the trains or the buses.  I have excluded “rabble rousers” or the general activity of rowdy or drunk or boisterous or downright nasty passengers on the public transport system, as in my opinion, such would annoy anyone.  Also, I excluded the obvious experience of the train being late or breaking down, as the Poll covers annoying things done by individual passengers on the train / bus.

One day on the packed train I was on, just before Easter, a dapper sort of man was about to get on but another man, a burly type also wanted to get on. There wasn’t enough room on the train for both of them, so the burly type tried to barge his way ahead of the other, whom was rightfully first to get on the already packed train.  Anyhow a fight ensued with women screaming and me thinking OMG I hope they don’t squash me, as I was standing close by the doors.  The scuffle spilled out onto the platform and to everyone’s astonishment, the “dapper” sort of man then grabbed the other guy by the shirt and whipped out a badge, holding it up for all to see.  He grinned or grimaced and said “you aren’t going anywhere Sunshine”.  He was a police officer, but in plain clothes!

So, join in this anonymous Poll if there is something which really “gets your goat” so to speak, on the train and / or bus and let’s see what is the most annoying !!