Part One –  Being Happy

To look at JOY, first I will look at “What is Happiness?”

Some descriptions are below.  If you want to know what Happiness is not, you can always go to a page of my “Peace in Practice” website, where I posted a Table showing categories of Feelings, which show happiness feelings (as below)  AND the not so happy feelings   see –

Glad                  Calm

Cheerful            Confident

Excited              Comfortable

Pleased              Relaxed


 So, right now if you are feeling the C’s – calm, confident and cheerful, then you are happy!

Even a wise person (can’t remember who) once stated that HAPPY does not necessarily mean feeling-

  • Elated
  • On top of the World
  • Deliriously happy
  • Couldn’t be happier
  • [ add your own term for extreme happiness here ]


I got to thinking, no really what is Happiness?  Wouldn’t I know it if I was happy?  What if lurking behind the mild happiness of calmness, confidence and cheerfulness, there’s a tinge or a hue of sadness?   Surely that is not being Happy?

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Make your Own Fun

I’m into having a bit of fun now, in the wake of spending July working, being a bit un-well myself and looking after a sick cat and a sick partner. My Pardner unfortunately had the “flu and when I say “the flu” I mean it. Luckily, being sensible, I had taken the flu vaccination earlier this year ( free through work, yay ) and did not get this year’s influenza. We learned a lot about each other and about not taking Life for granted and I tried a Spell to “ban the bug”, wishing them off the face off the Earth, never to blight Life again. I hope it works.

My Pardner and I endeavour to be light-hearted at the best of times, and will sing lines to each other from songs, in normal conversation. So, for example, if we are about to settle down to watch a movie and he scampers off to his Study to do something, then comes back saying “where are we now?” referring to what we are viewing, I would sing “we’ve only just begun”, which is of course the line from a lovely song by The Carpenters.

It is quite fun to do this, I have to admit. We also like to “put on airs” in our own home, and I admit this bit is influenced by watching “Kath and Kim.”   Following on from the general populace here pronouncing “Target” as TAR – GAY in a bid to make it sound posh, my Pardner and I naturally fell into pronouncing our words with posh sounding ends.

Apologies to vegetarians, I am not in your league. So, we pronounce BACON as “bake- ONNN” drawing out the ON part, and SAUSAGE as “Sos – AAAAAHGE”, you get the idea I think. When you pronounce them this way, they do sound posh.

Recently at work I submitted a Personality Quiz composed by Her Majesty, Me, where people can select an Animal and / or a Super-hero, and be psycho-analysed, well, at least, based upon my observations and other things, they can get a “reading” about their possible personality. The Quiz is yet to be uploaded because more recently we got a new Director, and none are sure about whether he has a fun portion in him that likes Personality Quizes put on the intranet.

So, embedded in this Post below, is a Word document which anyone who feels like it, can download or open ( no viruses, we have banned Viruses from our Queendom ) to take the Quiz. I did trial these quizes on my Sister and my Pardner and the results, I have to say, were accurate.

Animal and Super Hero Personality Quiz

Misunderstood lyrics are a fun way to pass the time. Back in the days before we had dial-up Internet access, I would spend hours listening to songs that we had recorded from the radio onto cassette tapes, listening to the lyrics and writing them down. An honest day or so of real work sometimes yielded strange results. I loved Kate Bush’s songs and must have listened a hundred times to “Wuthering Heights”.   I concluded that she must at one point, be singing about “batteries in the night” only to find when the magic of the Internet became common-place, that the lyrics were actually “bad dreams in the night.”

Unintentional misheard lyrics are actually called “mondegreens” according to my favourite website which provides misheard lyrics, URL below.


Her Majesty, Me, decrees that she will post the results of the Quizes later.