Here are links to Games on the internet that I like playing.  Click on the title of the game.

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Sheep Dash

How Fast are your Reactions?  Tranquilize the sheep in this fun BBC game.


Tower of Hanoi

Move all the Disks over to Tower 3, placing smaller disks on top of larger disks.

Easy to say, not easy to do.  Interesting origin to this puzzle too.

Tower of Hanoi

 Encircle the Cat

The objective is to click on the circles around the Cat, and enclose or surround her completely, preventing her from leaving the circles.



It’s Your Turn

A really good, free platform to play all sorts of wonderful games against others around the world.

If only I had “time” to do this.  I started off with this, then stopped.  My sister still plays Backgammon on “It’s your Turn”.



A beautiful interface for –  Chess buffs and beginners.  Play against friends, start games at your own “level” of ability, admire the “greats” whom have 3 times as many points as you have  Make friends, set your “Vacation” schedule if you can’t play or postpone games, but stay away if, like Her Majesty Me, you are not the competitive type and you play with the horse pieces rather than focus on the game-play.