Christ-mas is For-Giving

I was brought up Catholic, thus theoretically I am Christian.  Good memories about my Catholic past are things like getting a permission slip from my parents to walk (with a chaperone) down the road from Primary school, to buy fish and chips for lunch; free milk but only up until 1973 ( the year I turned 10 ); the magnificent “Tuck Shop” or School Canteen, where I ALWAYS bought a glorious freshly made peanut-butter roll for morning tea (and my twin sister ALWAYS bought a freshly made vegemite roll) – and occasionally we had the cash to splash out on a delightful Match-stick pastry; the on-site ice-cream kiosk ( where we bought Orange Maids but if we couldn’t afford them, we bought a Ducky Double to share; and we even got to serve cold delights once we were in Grade 7 – although my sister & I were too small to reach into the chest freezer when it was nearly empty to get the icy poles & ice-creams at the bottom ); AND most of all, being able to ring the grand old BELL to ring in the school-children after lunch or recess – a privilege granted to a final ( Grade 7 ) student by one of the Sisters!

Well, to me Christmas is about acknowledging a historical person called Jesus and how self-less he was, and reminding myself that I do have choices or options about how I see things and about what I do.  I also traditionally love Christmas for giving presents or gifts to people.  I am the sort of person who gives people things out of the blue to show my true appreciation or friendship with them.  Christmas when I was a child was a magnificent, happy affair, with going to a church service, and then un-wrapping tons of presents and joining in a delicious and beautiful dinner with family & friends.

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Squisahble Squirt & Baby in an Egg


A long time ago I acquired Squishable Squirt as in the turtle Squirt from Finding Nemo.  I love him, he is the best, most of all because he has a hard shell and I can tuck his little head and flippers into his shell.  One day I was demonstrating un-tucking him from his shell, and to my surprise, I pulled his little body right through and out of his shell altogether.

I wanted to get another Squishable Squirt for a friend, so this week I did a Google search under all sorts of terms like “squirt turtle with hard shell” and “squirt turtle tuck into shell” to no avail.  Her Majesty Me was not pleased.

Then, success!  I have my Squirt at work (along with a toy Racoon, a Squirrel, a bean bag leopard and a small duck – the sort that comes with the chick in the egg that pops out ).  I grabbed my squishy Squirt and turned him upside down to read on his shell underside something like “Disney Hasbro 2002”. At first I gave a gasp because it seemed like only 11 days ago that I had first watched “Finding Nemo” NOT eleven years ago ( when it came out in 2003 ).

So, of course, I went onto eBay & typed in “SQUIRT DISNEY HASBRO 2002”.  Lo and behold, a Squishy Squirt popped up, in Canada.  So with great delight I bid on this rare and fun gorgeous Squirt and got it for just $10.

Squishy SquirtThis little Squirt is officially called a “Shell Squishin Squirt” or a “Shell Squish In Squirt”.  At the moment of posting this, there are some of these available on  AMAZON.

I must confess that I also looked at the seller’s other items & found an Anne Geddes baby in a white bunny suit, in a chocolate egg.  I fell in love with this, and bought that also!  It is 6 inches or so in height with baby sitting in the egg, and the baby itself comes out and stand-alone she is about 7 inches.  Cute.

Anne Geddes Baby Bunny in EggBaby_in_Egg1 (11)I have seen Anne Geddes cute babies on cards and calendars and what-not, but never really wanted any AG baby paraphernalia – until now.  I am spoiling myself with getting this one.  It is my birthday next month after all.

The bunny in an egg doll cost $15, and I paid for the 2 to be posted to me together from Canada to Australia by surface mail.  It will take 4 to 6 weeks for them to arrive, but that is fine by me, as postage was $10 USD only.

Baby_in_Egg1 (5)   Baby_in_Egg1 (6)