Christ-mas is For-Giving

I was brought up Catholic, thus theoretically I am Christian.  Good memories about my Catholic past are things like getting a permission slip from my parents to walk (with a chaperone) down the road from Primary school, to buy fish and chips for lunch; free milk but only up until 1973 ( the year I turned 10 ); the magnificent “Tuck Shop” or School Canteen, where I ALWAYS bought a glorious freshly made peanut-butter roll for morning tea (and my twin sister ALWAYS bought a freshly made vegemite roll) – and occasionally we had the cash to splash out on a delightful Match-stick pastry; the on-site ice-cream kiosk ( where we bought Orange Maids but if we couldn’t afford them, we bought a Ducky Double to share; and we even got to serve cold delights once we were in Grade 7 – although my sister & I were too small to reach into the chest freezer when it was nearly empty to get the icy poles & ice-creams at the bottom ); AND most of all, being able to ring the grand old BELL to ring in the school-children after lunch or recess – a privilege granted to a final ( Grade 7 ) student by one of the Sisters!

Well, to me Christmas is about acknowledging a historical person called Jesus and how self-less he was, and reminding myself that I do have choices or options about how I see things and about what I do.  I also traditionally love Christmas for giving presents or gifts to people.  I am the sort of person who gives people things out of the blue to show my true appreciation or friendship with them.  Christmas when I was a child was a magnificent, happy affair, with going to a church service, and then un-wrapping tons of presents and joining in a delicious and beautiful dinner with family & friends.

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Annoying people on the Train or Bus

Every work day I plod along to the train station and get on the train to the CBD.  I always get a seat because I get on at the start of the line, hooray, however when I return home from the CBD the train is packed.  Usually I do get a seat because I squirm my way on.  What annoys me the most is someone tapping his foot on the floor, which sets up a vibration, and well, is just – annoying to me.  The other thing that really annoys me no end is people placing their bags ( mostly women with handbags ) on the seat next to them, even in peak hours, so someone has to ask them to move their bag so that someone can sit down.

Go in the Poll to choose up to 3 highly annoying things you experience on the trains or the buses.  I have excluded “rabble rousers” or the general activity of rowdy or drunk or boisterous or downright nasty passengers on the public transport system, as in my opinion, such would annoy anyone.  Also, I excluded the obvious experience of the train being late or breaking down, as the Poll covers annoying things done by individual passengers on the train / bus.

One day on the packed train I was on, just before Easter, a dapper sort of man was about to get on but another man, a burly type also wanted to get on. There wasn’t enough room on the train for both of them, so the burly type tried to barge his way ahead of the other, whom was rightfully first to get on the already packed train.  Anyhow a fight ensued with women screaming and me thinking OMG I hope they don’t squash me, as I was standing close by the doors.  The scuffle spilled out onto the platform and to everyone’s astonishment, the “dapper” sort of man then grabbed the other guy by the shirt and whipped out a badge, holding it up for all to see.  He grinned or grimaced and said “you aren’t going anywhere Sunshine”.  He was a police officer, but in plain clothes!

So, join in this anonymous Poll if there is something which really “gets your goat” so to speak, on the train and / or bus and let’s see what is the most annoying !!

Where in the Clouds is my @ !? &* Ipod Song ?? How to use iTunes.

So, I like writing, and lately I have been busy working out how the heck to use iTunes, even though I have owned an iPod Touch for years upon end, and just this year I acquired an iPad. At least for some of us, it can be very bewildering and a “mine-field” trying to plough through the iTunes Programme / software, and work out how to use it. I know that even people higher than me, meaning people at my work who earn twice or thrice as much as me because they are Managers or Directors, scratch their heads, wondering how to use iTunes.

Therefore, as a result of my research and writing, I have actually written a 15 page instruction on “How to use iTunes,” at least, it is a manual for the 50s and over, such as me! It is an easy reference for Her Majesty Me to use from now on.

I like to organise and collate and document what I know, hence the “birth” of this iTunes instructional manual, complete with a Table of Contents and hypertext links to key information.

I have converted the document to a PDF which you are free to download or save to your computer and use Adobe Acrobat Reader to read. If you don’t have AAR already, it is free, and can be saved to your computer from the Adobe website.

Then you can run or open the Acrobat Reader and open the manual, or just double click on the manual title once you have saved it to your PC.

If this effort can help just one person work out “what is what” regarding how to use iTunes to get music onto their iPod, Her Majesty Me would be VERY pleased!  Click on the link below to save the Manual to your computer.


Using iTunes by Her Majesty Me – August 2014

Squisahble Squirt & Baby in an Egg


A long time ago I acquired Squishable Squirt as in the turtle Squirt from Finding Nemo.  I love him, he is the best, most of all because he has a hard shell and I can tuck his little head and flippers into his shell.  One day I was demonstrating un-tucking him from his shell, and to my surprise, I pulled his little body right through and out of his shell altogether.

I wanted to get another Squishable Squirt for a friend, so this week I did a Google search under all sorts of terms like “squirt turtle with hard shell” and “squirt turtle tuck into shell” to no avail.  Her Majesty Me was not pleased.

Then, success!  I have my Squirt at work (along with a toy Racoon, a Squirrel, a bean bag leopard and a small duck – the sort that comes with the chick in the egg that pops out ).  I grabbed my squishy Squirt and turned him upside down to read on his shell underside something like “Disney Hasbro 2002”. At first I gave a gasp because it seemed like only 11 days ago that I had first watched “Finding Nemo” NOT eleven years ago ( when it came out in 2003 ).

So, of course, I went onto eBay & typed in “SQUIRT DISNEY HASBRO 2002”.  Lo and behold, a Squishy Squirt popped up, in Canada.  So with great delight I bid on this rare and fun gorgeous Squirt and got it for just $10.

Squishy SquirtThis little Squirt is officially called a “Shell Squishin Squirt” or a “Shell Squish In Squirt”.  At the moment of posting this, there are some of these available on  AMAZON.

I must confess that I also looked at the seller’s other items & found an Anne Geddes baby in a white bunny suit, in a chocolate egg.  I fell in love with this, and bought that also!  It is 6 inches or so in height with baby sitting in the egg, and the baby itself comes out and stand-alone she is about 7 inches.  Cute.

Anne Geddes Baby Bunny in EggBaby_in_Egg1 (11)I have seen Anne Geddes cute babies on cards and calendars and what-not, but never really wanted any AG baby paraphernalia – until now.  I am spoiling myself with getting this one.  It is my birthday next month after all.

The bunny in an egg doll cost $15, and I paid for the 2 to be posted to me together from Canada to Australia by surface mail.  It will take 4 to 6 weeks for them to arrive, but that is fine by me, as postage was $10 USD only.

Baby_in_Egg1 (5)   Baby_in_Egg1 (6)

Typewriter Cat

One day not too long ago, I thought I could remember when I was a lot younger that we kids liked to use the manual typewriter to type out pictures. Then I recalled when I was at school and learned “the art or skill of typewriting” and the course also introduced us to “typewriter art”.

To be honest, I was good at typewriting or typing – text or that is – letters and documents and such stuff. I quickly learned “touch typing” and boy did us girls give that carriage return a hefty whirl when we tried to be the most fastest and accurate touch typist!   Today I can probably touch type approx. 50 ( fifty ) words per minute.  If you want to learn how to touch type, there’s a free lesson on the internet  HERE.

I was awarded the Honor Certificate in Year 11 for best student in typewriting. Soon after that, Dad got the family a golf-ball typewriter. Wow, the whole family was so impressed and I remember we all had to line up to try it out. I respected & loved that super-duper electronic golf-ball typewriter.


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Make your Own Fun

I’m into having a bit of fun now, in the wake of spending July working, being a bit un-well myself and looking after a sick cat and a sick partner. My Pardner unfortunately had the “flu and when I say “the flu” I mean it. Luckily, being sensible, I had taken the flu vaccination earlier this year ( free through work, yay ) and did not get this year’s influenza. We learned a lot about each other and about not taking Life for granted and I tried a Spell to “ban the bug”, wishing them off the face off the Earth, never to blight Life again. I hope it works.

My Pardner and I endeavour to be light-hearted at the best of times, and will sing lines to each other from songs, in normal conversation. So, for example, if we are about to settle down to watch a movie and he scampers off to his Study to do something, then comes back saying “where are we now?” referring to what we are viewing, I would sing “we’ve only just begun”, which is of course the line from a lovely song by The Carpenters.

It is quite fun to do this, I have to admit. We also like to “put on airs” in our own home, and I admit this bit is influenced by watching “Kath and Kim.”   Following on from the general populace here pronouncing “Target” as TAR – GAY in a bid to make it sound posh, my Pardner and I naturally fell into pronouncing our words with posh sounding ends.

Apologies to vegetarians, I am not in your league. So, we pronounce BACON as “bake- ONNN” drawing out the ON part, and SAUSAGE as “Sos – AAAAAHGE”, you get the idea I think. When you pronounce them this way, they do sound posh.

Recently at work I submitted a Personality Quiz composed by Her Majesty, Me, where people can select an Animal and / or a Super-hero, and be psycho-analysed, well, at least, based upon my observations and other things, they can get a “reading” about their possible personality. The Quiz is yet to be uploaded because more recently we got a new Director, and none are sure about whether he has a fun portion in him that likes Personality Quizes put on the intranet.

So, embedded in this Post below, is a Word document which anyone who feels like it, can download or open ( no viruses, we have banned Viruses from our Queendom ) to take the Quiz. I did trial these quizes on my Sister and my Pardner and the results, I have to say, were accurate.

Animal and Super Hero Personality Quiz

Misunderstood lyrics are a fun way to pass the time. Back in the days before we had dial-up Internet access, I would spend hours listening to songs that we had recorded from the radio onto cassette tapes, listening to the lyrics and writing them down. An honest day or so of real work sometimes yielded strange results. I loved Kate Bush’s songs and must have listened a hundred times to “Wuthering Heights”.   I concluded that she must at one point, be singing about “batteries in the night” only to find when the magic of the Internet became common-place, that the lyrics were actually “bad dreams in the night.”

Unintentional misheard lyrics are actually called “mondegreens” according to my favourite website which provides misheard lyrics, URL below.


Her Majesty, Me, decrees that she will post the results of the Quizes later.