New Page – “Energy Alerts”

I have just added a Page “Energy Alerts” with links to websites which may help to navigate the energies.  Consciousness on Earth is evolving – stay focused on the positive and good things world-wide & locally, while doing what you can to help transform the “negative” to the Light.  I have learned the following.

Read what resonates with you.

Love yourself un-conditionally.

Ask the Angels / Jesus / God for help when you want / need it

Do to others as you would have them do Unto you


Where in the Clouds is my @ !? &* Ipod Song ?? How to use iTunes.

So, I like writing, and lately I have been busy working out how the heck to use iTunes, even though I have owned an iPod Touch for years upon end, and just this year I acquired an iPad. At least for some of us, it can be very bewildering and a “mine-field” trying to plough through the iTunes Programme / software, and work out how to use it. I know that even people higher than me, meaning people at my work who earn twice or thrice as much as me because they are Managers or Directors, scratch their heads, wondering how to use iTunes.

Therefore, as a result of my research and writing, I have actually written a 15 page instruction on “How to use iTunes,” at least, it is a manual for the 50s and over, such as me! It is an easy reference for Her Majesty Me to use from now on.

I like to organise and collate and document what I know, hence the “birth” of this iTunes instructional manual, complete with a Table of Contents and hypertext links to key information.

I have converted the document to a PDF which you are free to download or save to your computer and use Adobe Acrobat Reader to read. If you don’t have AAR already, it is free, and can be saved to your computer from the Adobe website.

Then you can run or open the Acrobat Reader and open the manual, or just double click on the manual title once you have saved it to your PC.

If this effort can help just one person work out “what is what” regarding how to use iTunes to get music onto their iPod, Her Majesty Me would be VERY pleased!  Click on the link below to save the Manual to your computer.


Using iTunes by Her Majesty Me – August 2014