Some months ago I bought a sweet chocolatey smelling Too Faced Chocolate BonBon eye shadow palette and I gave it away in a competition that I ran.   How sweet is this??i-023105-chocolate-bon-bons-palette-1-940


Lately I thought to myself maybe I’ll get myself some eye-shadow now that I want to “re-vamp” myself.   I got to know about an unusual palette called Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly.  I loved this name & idea ( peanut butter being one of my favorite sandwich spreads).


How cool is this Palette and how beautiful the colors !!   Her Majesty Me thought plum and wine colours suit me ( a “Winter” style ) and I like the browns in this palette.  It’s a clever palette too, designed for 3 different looks, using 3 colours – from left to right in a row – for brow bone, eye-lid and the eyelid crease or corner.  Click on the link above for lots of images, including snapshots of the instructions or suggestions for the different looks.

So what does Her Majesty Me do??   Well, an Australian seller had one of these beautiful palettes for sale by bidding (auction) on eBay.  I put in a bid but when the price reached $35 I stopped and thought that is all I would pay for it.  I found to my astonishment that $35 plus would have been a great price to pay for it, especially as that ebay seller offered free postage also, and these palettes are being offered on ebay for $80 AUD or more !!

After this failed transaction (bidding) I got to surfing the internet for more eye colours and I bought myself a Morphe “Fall into Frost” palette !!   Why, you may ask?  I thought at $47 with free postage that for 35 colours it was a good price.   Plus I like the colours.   I researched this palette also and found that people with brown eyes love this palette.  So this brown-eyed girl, HMM, is falling into frost soon with morphe!


This palette is touted to be a must-have collection of warm toned matte and shimmer shades.   It gets a good review at Influenster –  see below.

I was lucky enough to buy one from an eBay seller who had bought one but never used it, but she has the Receipt for this Palette.  Warning this Morphe eyeshadow palette does NOT have a mirror with it.  

Color swatches can be seen at the Link below.

Another WARNING:  Be careful when buying from eBay as alot of make-up is counterfeit or a copy !!   Research first what the genuine product should look like in its entirety before you buy from an eBay seller.