The Circle of Life & Auras – Sacred Geometry Again


Well, I’m into my 3rd module of Simone Matthew’s  “Soul Evolution” home study course, and at last I am comfortable with my own personal theory / beliefs about “Dimensions” and the 13 levels.  Here is my explanation, based upon one system or “school” of thought.

First of all, it may help to peruse  THIS   page here, about how consciousness, matter and form, arose from the Singularity.  Just click OK if a box pops up asking for a Password.  Also, if you look at my Post on  “Sacred Geometry“, what I say in this Post will probably make more sense.

In the beginning was the POINT or the Singularity – and then the Axis or the Line – more Lines of Consciousness ( templates for matter form ) emanated to form an Octahedron of light / consciousness ( a shape with 8 regular faces or sides ).

This is the diamond shape or configuration of Light which our Soul ( operating through the Soul Star Chakra or the 10th Chakra / 10th Level of consciousness, and through the 5th Energetic Gateway ) use to project our individual consciousness through the vehicle of the Heart Chakra ( the 6th Chakra and the 4th Energetic Gateway ).

Our Diamond Light Field or our Crystalline Light Body is projected out on each of 7 levels, creating our 7 Chakra system.  Chakras are Energy Centres which are designed to channel ( or funnel ) information and energies or frequencies of particular qualities into physical forms and creations from Source.

When we project the Octahedron, we create a “3rd level of consciousness” dimensional body, connecting us to the 2nd dimension of plants and other animals, and connecting us to the crystalline field of the Earth, the 1st dimension of consciousness – via the Earth Gateway, the 1st Chakra – the core of the Earth.

From the core of our octahedral body or field of light, we also emanate or project a system of subtle energy bodies or layers ( electromagnetic fields / layers ) collectively called the AURA ( and individually called the Auric Bodies or Auric Layers ).  There are 7 Auric layers / layers of the Aura / Auric Bodies related to, or associated with the 7 primary Chakras of human beings.

All in all, we human beings are HOLOGRAMS ( i.e projections of Light ) and FRACTALS ( complete whole systems within the same but larger systems on an infinite scale ).

8 Gateways and 13 Dimensions - Simone_Matthews

8 Gateways and 13 Dimensions – by Simone Matthews

Courtesy of Simone Matthews – Universal LifeTools


As you know from reading my Post about  SACRED GEOMETRY  you will know that the number 13 is sacred in terms of its geometric significance in the experience or manifestation of everything from Source.

My understanding is that each Galaxy has 8 energetic Gateways, which provide senses or dimensions or “levels” of [ energetic ] experience, or “resonant frequencies of consciousness.”

These 8 dimensions of experience are actually made up of 13 levels of consciousness, due to the nature of Sacred Geometry.  A musical Octave consists of 8 notes, with the 8th note forming the 1st note of the next higher Octave.  These 8 energetic Gateways encompass one or more levels of consciousness through the Chakras or Energy Centres, on Planet Earth.

The entire field of Creation is comprised of 13 Dimensions ( levels of consciousness ), represented by the 13 Spheres that make up Metatron’s Cube.   These 13 Dimensions repeat infinitely in all directions of time and space as fractals of the whole.

NOW, if you are rather confused at this point of reading this Post, I advise you to click on the Link below, and study Simone Matthew’s  “Octave of Dimensions” graphic for some time!

REMEMBER, her image is Copyrighted so you have to ask permission if you want to broadcast it to the general public.

Click on the Link below to read more of Simone’s 13 – 13 – 13 Articles.



Put up your hand if you have ever heard about Chakras.  There is quite alot of information and are, in some cases, raging debates, about the nature of Chakras or Energy Centres.  Some say that the “Dark” implanted human beings with certain Energy Centres which funnel horrible thoughts into us.  Some refer to Chakras as Energy Gateways, and get awfully confused with Chakras and the “8 Dimensions of Experience”, also referred to as 8 Energy Gateways, as explained in the Section above.

I , however, agree with Simone’s Matthew’s concept of Chakras.

In fact, I have seen a Chakra, with my psychic sight or with my “Inner Eye” ( Third Eye Chakra vision ).  It was when I was quite young, just starting out to study Chakras.  I sort of spaced out ( no, not on drugs, but in the psychic “higher” zone ) and there in my mind’s eye I could sense or “see” a spinning funnel shaped vortex of energy.  So there.

The human physical body is fueled by 7 primary Chakras or Energy Centres, and these are shown within the Diamond shaped Light-body in Simone’s diagram above.  More about Chakra functions later.

Now, I wish that I could see Auras.  Auras are collections or fields of energetic layers or energetic bodies. They hold certain frequencies of light / energy, which appear as certain colours to those who can see the auric layers.

In 2008 I had my own Aura channeled and painted for me, by a psychic artist,  Spirit of Mirium.

Mirium told me that I had a well balanced aura, with lots of light ( or love and compassion ) shown by the abundance of white, with a little energy im-balance on my left side ( the rational / thinking side – meaning I had been exhausting myself with thinking and needed to replenish my energy centres for clear or focused thinking ).   The magenta means giving love and joy, the light yellow signifies a happy, bright disposition, and the pale blue means a peaceful and intuitive person.


The white light at the hands indicates a hands-on healer, and indeed I am, having being attuned to Reiki ( a modality of hands-on healing ), and Mirium told me that the line of white Stars down my body show that I have a strong connection to Source.  You can’t see neat oval layers of colours because this is what an Aura looks like to an Intuitive / Psychic Artist.   You may like to use another method, like Kirlian Photography, to try to capture your Aura.

I had a Kirlian Aura Photograph taken about 30 years ago, which showed a cloud of red around me.  I assumed this meant I had alot of mental energy ( although I think it can denote anger also ) but a couple of years later, I had another Kirlian Aura Photograph taken, and my aura had changed alot within that short time.  I was pleased to see nice greens and orange and violet in my Aura, and even an “orb” which I think was a Spirit Guide.  If I find the photos, I might scan them, and post the pictures here.

For a price, you can have Mirium channel your Aura and email you the Image and a Report – click on the Link below.   I’m famous, because my Aura Portrait is on the page below! 

I have seen one of the Auric layers / bodies too.

If you “surf” the web, you’ll find tons of information on Aura Colour meanings and on the Aura Bodies themselves and what they are.  Well, I understand that there are 7 Auric Layers / Auric Bodies around the human form, as follow:

1) Etheric Body

2 ) Emotional Body

3 ) Mental Body

4) Astral Auric Body

5) Lower Mental Auric Body ( also called the Etheric Template Body )

6) Higher Mental Body  ( also called the Celestial Body )

7) Spiritual Auric Body  ( also called the Ketheric or Causal Body )

One morning, not so long ago, I was trying to rouse myself from sleep and through my sleep haze, to my surprise, I saw a ghostly double of my arm ( that my head was resting on ).  I thought to myself “what’s that stuff doing outside my body” as I could clearly see it was a light grayish projection of my arm, with some sort of cross-hatching marking or pattern on it also.  So with my intent I commanded this “stuff” which I thought was hanging outside of my body accidentally, back into my physical body.  Well, I kid you not, I heard a snapping sound and my whole body jolted as my ETHERIC BODY was rudely pushed back wholly into my flesh & blood body!

Since then, I learned that the Etheric Body is the “body double” or the Template upon which the physical body is formed, and when sleeping, it projects itself away from the body to receive necessary Energies which are funneled through the 7 Chakras into this “body double” and into the cells of the physical form.  So, NO more shoving it where it shouldn’t be, haha.

auras_image1Picture Credit

HERE   is a Link to a page which shows the Human Chakras and Auras together.

Make sure you click on part 2 ( via the Link on the right ) when visiting the Page above, to continue your study (  OR you can just click  “Mini Course on Auras- Part 2”  ) to find out the relationships between the Human Chakras and Auras, and what functions they perform.



So, to re-cap, there are 8 large energetic Gateways or Fields of Experience, and the Galactic Gateway, the 8th Gateway ( or 8th Dimension in terms of Energy Gateways ) is itself actually the Earth Gateway or the 1st Gateway ( or 1st Dimension in terms of Energy Gateways ) simultaneously.  This is because all that is has a spherical or circular nature, with no beginning or ending.

There are 13 levels of consciousness within these 8 Gateways.  Things get really confusing when you read or hear about, say the “5th Dimension”.  Be careful, this may refer to the FIFTH GATEWAY or to the FIFTH LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS.  Refer again to Simone Matthew’s diagram above if you need to.

Perhaps you can think of the 8 Gateways as 8 Energetic Gateway Dimensions of Consciousness . Perhaps you can think of the 13 Dimensions of Consciousness as 13 Levels of Consciousness, and of the 13 Chakras as 13 Energy Centres or Portals through which we experience the 13 Dimensions of Consciousness.  In this “school of thought” then, the 7 primary Auric Bodies can be considered as 7 subtle electromagnetic energy fields which surround and bathe the physical form, and receive certain frequencies of energy through the 7 primary Chakras. 

The 7 primary Chakras or Energy Centres, through which we experience certain levels of consciousness, channel energy of certain frequencies into 7 regions of the human body, as shown on the Page referenced above by ” Here is a Link to a page which shows the Human Chakras and Auras together.”

Of course the numbers 13 and 7 are essential components of SACRED GEOMETRY.  We have seen from my previous post on Sacred Geometry, that 13 spheres make up Metraton’s Cube ( a form derived by joining the centres of all 13 spheres which make up what is called  “The Fruit of Life” ).

There are 7 Gateways, plus an 8th Gateway, which is the 1st Gateway of the next Octave simultaneously, and as such holds the same quality of energy as the 8th Gateway of the preceding cycle that it is resonant with, but at a higher frequency.

The 13 Chakras each have an ancient Solfeggio frequency, and each note resonates with the next higher or lower note in the scale of 8, for example, the Earth Gateway Chakra is of 128 Hz and resonates with the Heart Chakra of 256 Hz and the Cosmic Gateway Chakra of 512 Hz.  You will need to study something like Simone’s “Soul Evolution” course to find out how these frequencies are attributed or allocated, according to ancient Lemurian wisdom.

Well, I always thought that everything, living and non-living, has a sort of “consciousness” – defined originally by Her Majesty Me, as follows:


“A template for awareness and a force from the Source of Course”


In Simone’s map of Dimensions on  THIS  page here, you will see “plants and non-human animals” existing at the “2nd Dimension” ( i.e. the 2nd Level of Consciousness ).   Of course, all matter has a 3-D structure or form ( with length, breadth and height ), but do not get confused and think of all Living things as existing at the “3rd Dimension” in the sense of the 3rd Level of Consciousness.

Also, do not get befuddled and think that non-human beings and plants are “lesser” than Homo sapiens ( human beings ).  2nd Dimensional beings have sharp intuition or instincts, and maybe our World would be “better” if human beings honed their intuition toward living in harmony with Earth, as non-human Animals generally do.

If you would like to watch a great Video about how all is frequency, and all frequency makes Sound, which resonates to 13 dimensions, perhaps consider purchasing Module 3 of Simone’s course – link below.

Click on the Link below to read more of Simone’s 13 – 13 – 13 Articles.



If you are looking for the perfect “Sacred Geometrypendant for yourself, you MUST visit the page below.  The pendants are spectacular, and the images perfect for meditating upon.  At this point of time, the Torus Tube appeals to me – it reminds me of Fractals, and of MC Escher’s endless stair-case, and of not knowing whether I am inside out, or outside in.   If you are interested in toroids, as I am, click HERE, then I promise I WILL leave you alone!



That’s All for now.  Thank goodness, you say.  I thought it would never end ……


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