The Energies of 2015 – Souls awaken

I am Spirit-filled, Spirit Guided, and as a Human Being I am confident, courageous, wise, and individual yet communal.

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Elizabeth Peru also talks about a major energetic shift in January 2015, that may be causing us to feel refreshed and alert one day, but drained the next day – as we are all being upgraded mentally, physically, and spiritually.

You can read more tips on her Facebook page, and if you like, subscribe to her Tip-Off Reports.

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Like last year, this year too will be a fast moving year, where ACTION focused on genuine self-care is warranted, in balance with being of service to others.  If you can “go with the flow” and do the work on yourself to release your experience of yourself as a Soul within a human body, with no separation from anything else ( we have our physical senses just so we can experience being in 3-D ), YOUR life as a Human Being will flow well.  We have 13 levels of experience as Homo sapiens.

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AA_thirteen_dimensions_of_consciousnessPhoto Credit

We birth thru the Cosmic, Universal and Stellar Gateways ( Chakras or Energy Centres ), i.e. the 6th, 7th, and 8th dimensions, to our Soul ( having a physical experience on Earth as a 5th dimensional consciousness ) through the Soul Star Chakra, the 5th dimension or level of experience.

Through our 4th dimensional Chakra, we project out a holographic octahedron shaped light body anchored to the Earth Star Chakra. The Earth Star Chakra is anchored to the Earth Gateway – the core of the Earth.

When we project out that Octahedron or Diamond of Light or Crystalline Light Body on each of 7 levels, we create our 7 chakra system.

When we project the Octahedron, we do it through the 4th dimensional Heart Chakra, creating a 3rd dimensional body, connecting us to the 2nd dimension of plants and other animals, and connecting us to the crystalline field of the Earth – 1st dimension – via the Earth Chakra.

We birth within Earth’s toric energy light field, and the Chakras give us the experience of separation for the purpose of our senses, or perceptions, and physical 3-D experiences.

An example of “perception” is electrical impulses projecting an image of a seemingly external object separate to us, onto the eye, but we can view from the 4-D perspective of the Heart or from the 5-D perspective of the Soul.

This means we should not limit our perception to the physical sensory system that Earth’s toric field has imprinted upon us.  Our DNA is being activated to expand our Consciousness.  Listen to the beautiful or uplifting whispers in your “heart” or the voice of your Soul.

It is not easy being a human being, but you signed up for it.  YOU are responsible for your growth and for your responses and your actions ( thoughts, beliefs, mind set, values, and feelings ).  You can LEARN how you can relate better to your Self and others through your dense 3-D human experiences.  Allow yourself the quiet and the space ( or time & environment ) to process what you deeply know.

If you fall back into the 3-D drama, and someone upsets you, take a deep breath and take your time answering, even if the person is impatient.  Don’t get angry but tune into your intuitive guidance – whether that be

Hearing a message or an action to take ( through your “higher” or intuitive hearing sense – your etheric sense located slightly above and forward of the physical ears ), or

Sseeing a response in terms of gently un-focusing your gaze upon the person or the scene around you and allowing your intuitive self to pick up the energy streams or patterns around the person so you will know instinctively what energy to return, or

Feeling a response by focusing on your solar plexus chakra / energy centre, i.e. on your “gut feelings” emanating from that spot hovering above your belly button, and tuning in until you get a positive & happy response that uplifts you.  Remember, emotions are the physical responses to feelings.

Identifying Emotions


Depressed             Hurt

Discouraged          Lonely

Unhappy                Tired

Uncomfortable     Guilty

Embarrassed         Bored



Glad                   Calm

Cheerful            Confident

Excited              Comfortable

Pleased              Relaxed

Confident          Satisfied



Mad                      Jealous

Disgusted            Resentful

Annoyed              Frustrated




Afraid                  Confused

Anxious              Unsure

Nervous              Tense

Concerned          Terrified


God is experiencing form through God’s projections of the divine spark – Soul / Spirit – into physical form. God’s creations are huge and some of the creations became self aware, and some of these did not want a connection to the Divine, while others had their connection to the Divine broken or weakened by them.

By remembering and feeling our One-ness, our intrinsic connection to the Divine, through the peaceful and Light-filled means that we are driven by Spirit to resort to, we can create and manifest what we want.  There is no separation – there is Love and Light.  Live in Peace and your Soul will direct your Life they way you want it.




I see the Divine in You