Christ-mas is For-Giving

I was brought up Catholic, thus theoretically I am Christian.  Good memories about my Catholic past are things like getting a permission slip from my parents to walk (with a chaperone) down the road from Primary school, to buy fish and chips for lunch; free milk but only up until 1973 ( the year I turned 10 ); the magnificent “Tuck Shop” or School Canteen, where I ALWAYS bought a glorious freshly made peanut-butter roll for morning tea (and my twin sister ALWAYS bought a freshly made vegemite roll) – and occasionally we had the cash to splash out on a delightful Match-stick pastry; the on-site ice-cream kiosk ( where we bought Orange Maids but if we couldn’t afford them, we bought a Ducky Double to share; and we even got to serve cold delights once we were in Grade 7 – although my sister & I were too small to reach into the chest freezer when it was nearly empty to get the icy poles & ice-creams at the bottom ); AND most of all, being able to ring the grand old BELL to ring in the school-children after lunch or recess – a privilege granted to a final ( Grade 7 ) student by one of the Sisters!

Well, to me Christmas is about acknowledging a historical person called Jesus and how self-less he was, and reminding myself that I do have choices or options about how I see things and about what I do.  I also traditionally love Christmas for giving presents or gifts to people.  I am the sort of person who gives people things out of the blue to show my true appreciation or friendship with them.  Christmas when I was a child was a magnificent, happy affair, with going to a church service, and then un-wrapping tons of presents and joining in a delicious and beautiful dinner with family & friends.


Nowadays my partner and I spend Christmas with my partner’s sister, her husband and 3 girls, and my partner’s (and his sister’s) mother – and the rule is don’t spend money on the adults because Christmas presents are for children – when really the reason is it is too expensive to have to buy gifts for everyone.  As an individual, I totally ignore this decree, and this year I have got at least 4 gifts for each person.

I thought as a random sort of thing I would post my latest here, and of course there is the possibility that one doesn’t have to actually spend money or alot of it to give a gift, like some years ago when I gave all the Adults a copy of a Christmas poem cum song that I had written myself for a Gift – and they liked it !

projectorwatch1     projectorwatch

projectorwatch3     projectorwatch5

projectorwatch6 These photos above ( taken with my beloved iPod ) are of one of two groovy Watches that I snaffled yesterday at the Australia Post Shop.  The other one is purple sort of and has a Tinkerbell theme.  They cost $9 each and are for my twin nieces.  Apparently they can read the date & time on them PLUS press a button and project pictures onto a wall.  If I was nine years old, I would love one of these.

The next awesome photo is of a nice handy melamine tray that I bought at K-Mart for $8.  I bought two of them, one for my mother-in-law & one for my sister-in-law, as trays can come very much in handy ( like ordering around the kids to go and get the sandwiches, haha ).

melaminetray melaminetray

Next, are gold & silver Christmas sticky tape ($1 for 3 rolls), and 20 gift labels ( 2 packets of 10, $2 a packet ) from K-Mart, and two cute little guys actually made from sour-dough.  They can light up flashing red or a steady red glow or the button can be pressed to turn off the light, and they were $2.50 each from K-Mart.

tapeandgiftlabels    sourdoughchristmaslights

Last but not least, the good ol’ Christmas Crackers ( $5 for 10 crackers ) – you can see they have nice positive messages on them although they are packaged in the box so the text doesn’t fully show.  I took a photo of the back of the box too, showing the little “surprises” that might be in a cracker.  I may be an adult but I like the hidden cracker surprises.

christmascrackers1    christmascrackers2

trayofgoodiesThe photo above shows some of the “goodies” on a melamine tray, you can see the other Projector Watch that I bought.  I also bought 3 rolls of 3 metre Christmas wrapping paper for $4, and you can see one roll at the bottom of the photo.

As a bit of an “aside”, if  like me, you are at all interested in the American Indian experience / philosophy of Christmas as published by the Manataka Council, please visit   THIS  site here.  Did you know that in the Colonial days, Connecticut had a law forbidding the celebration of Christmas and the baking of mincemeat pies, according to the site.

Many Native Americans in North America, and Aboriginal groups elsewhere in the world, as well as other pagan religions such as Wicca, did observe a celebration near Christmas time, called the Winter Solstice. The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year and falls on December 21-22 and was celebrated in the Americas long before European influence arrived.

Looks for Buffalo, an Oglala Sioux spiritual leader, has the following to say about “Christmas.”

Everyday is our Christmas. Every meal is our Christmas. At every meal we take a little portion of the food we are eating, and we offer it to the spirit world on behalf of the four legged, and the winged, and the two legged. We pray–not the way most Christians pray– but we thank the Grandfathers, the Spirit, and the Guardian Angel.


This Christmas time is a timely reminder to me to have plenty of fresh air, to breathe deeply and to forgive self and others for perceived transgressions – and I say this honestly – because a friend of mine got those messages straight from the Angels for me.  This was a reading to help me with my current recovery from heart surgery.  The 6th week after my operation has just finished, and I feel 80 percent recovered.  It has been a “great adventure” in 3-D and in truth a difficult recovery for me.  But here I am, typing this now, and looking forward to 2015 being a year where I am a new me, from the Heart, giving unconditionally from the true heart – which is the Higher Heart Centre.

Namaste  – I see the Divine in you

Her Majesty Me


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