White Feathers & Angels


I don’t know about anyone else, but I believe that there is alot more to us than our skin and bones, our brains, and our bodies.  I am in the “camp” that thinks that we also have a subtle energy body around us ( sometimes called “the aura” ) and that what is more we each have a “Higher Self”.

In my opinion, honestly, the “Higher Self” is a high awareness or consciousness, and by “high” I mean it is not even actually in the brain, but it is instead located in an energy field above the physical body but is connected by a stream of light to the physical body.  This “Higher Self” itself is connected to the spark of the divine that imbued itself within physical form.  There are many opinions and beliefs about the “Higher Self” and about the Monad and Souls and so forth, and how they all connect to groups and so forth, but in a nut-shell, I say that Her Majesty Me is a spiritual being in human form.

This spiritual being has a mental and feeling and physical component within the visible tangible structure of the body, but also has a higher awareness in the “Higher Self” and this connection is sometime experienced whether she knows it or not.  When you are relaxed and in flow, the voice of the “Higher Self” is a subtle knowing or even a word or a phrase that pops up in your “mind”, or it is a compulsion or a “feeling” that you should do something that will help you in a positive way.


I also believe that besides the “Higher Self” that there are “pure” spiritual entities ( or beings ) of Light which are actually “intelligent” force fields of energy, which one can connect to or tap into, to interact with.  Let’s call them “Angels“. By “pure” I mean that their energy frequency is the closest to that of the original Source.

I think that you can consciously draw these Light Beings to you, in order to, if you like, project or perhaps inject their intelligent energy into your aura and physical being, or to “work upon” you at the subtle atomic / energetic level, to calm you down or to give you energy, or to give you inspiration.  Sounds scary does it?  Well, it isn’t really, in my opinion.  Us human beings imbue these Light Beings as looking like winged human-like beings, maybe with halos or flowing gowns, or even with a sword as bequeathed to Archangel Michael.  What I believe is that these are perceptions over the aeons of time – maybe in the mists of time such an “angelic force” did present itself to someone in such a guise, but when I think of angels, I like to concentrate on their qualities rather than on their appearance.

To me, the qualities  of Angels are –  Light, rhythm, joy, freedom, flow, harmony, peace, connection, intelligence and co-creativity.

Spirit Guides are also light or energetic beings, but unlike the Angels, they have, in the “past”, taken form as physical beings, but now are in spirit form, as your guides/teachers or protectors.  There’s a BIG world out there apart from what you can see, and apparently when you were wholly in spirit form yourself, you connected with certain Beings and set up these relationships, and furthermore, we do things in the realm of the spiritual world as well as physically in 3-D.  This latter, and the fact that all is spiritually based means we can go and find once-off Guides when we need them for certain stages in our Life, and also counts for experiences like astral travel and going into the past or future.



Now I have been told or I read somewhere that you can ask for a “sign” from your Angels or your Higher Self that you are in connection with them or your HS, and that you are –

“on the right track” or

“all is well with you” or

“a major event coming up in your Life will be okay” or

“the Angels / your HS / your Spirit Guides are looking after you”


Well, so far, twice in my Life I have been motivated to ask for a Sign because of something that was about to happen that basically scared and worried me alot.  One time was quite a while ago which I won’t write about now, but the other happened last week.  In a nut-shell I was born with a heart murmur and in late October this year I am going to hospital to have my heart “repaired”.  This is fine by me because I know it has to be done, however the road to this has been very stressful.

First of all, although I have belief that all will go well, including my recovery, there are gaps in the way that the administration of the hospitals is run, meaning for example I thought I would get a letter 4 to 6 weeks before the date, but instead I keep getting very strange telephone calls. The first call was to ask me to go in for the pre-assessment in 4 days time for the operation in 2 weeks time, and where was my “dental clearance?’   I replied I didn’t know because nobody had told me what it was.

I also said I had to give work 4 weeks notice so I couldn’t go then.  The surgeon’s office said a clerical error had been made and eventually the date was re-scheduled.  Well, given this and the fact that I am still at work and will be right up until the close of next Tuesday, and due to work being INCREDIBLY stressful because of weird staff interactions, needy staff and poor management, lately I have been experiencing chest pains.

This scared the daylights out of me because I had never had them to that degree before and I started thinking “maybe I won’t even make it to the hospital date”.   Then I decided not to be silly, no need to be negative like that, and started ruminating over what was going on with me spiritually.  I am of course going through a huge spiritual awakening.  All illnesses have a spiritual component or cause.

I noticed that when I felt angry that I would get chest pains, and that when I was unhappy I would get pains, also when I was tense, of course – chest pains.  I consciously removed those as best I could.  I wondered why I still continued to get pains, then it hit me that I felt grief or sorrow.  I believe that I am a very conscientious person in the workplace, and beyond that, people who really know me say that I am kind, thoughtful and generous.  Well, what was happening is that I would feel sad about some happening or other, even in a split second, and that too would cause me physical grief.

I then turned to the Angels and my Higher Self for help.  I thought to myself something like “hello, I’m on the knife-edge here, I know what the spiritual cause of my woes is but I don’t think I have the energy to transform all of it, please help”.   I then asked them for a sign in the form of a white feather, that “all will be well in my world”.   This is the exact phrase I used when I asked them.  I have heard that one can ask for a very specific sign, and of course by that phrase I meant (and mean) that the surgery and my recovery will go well, for the better of ALL.

So, what are the Chances?

Over that day and the next 4 days, no white feathers.  I felt a little dejected but also respectful that “you can’t always get what you want” – maybe the Angels were rather busy at that time, LOL.   To be honest ten years ago I didn’t believe at all in Spirit Guides or Angels, and now it is not so much a belief but a thought system, that is the best way I can honestly describe it.  I am “open minded” to the belief, in other words.

On the 5th day, there were three white Feathers.  As I was in the lift going to work I was looking at the suitcase of someone I knew and I was curious to see a small white feather sticking out of the side of the case.  My eyes went big and I thought could that be my sign?  On the way going home from work, as I walked along to the train station, I then saw a beautiful small white feather right in front of me, on the ground.  Could that be my sign, I wondered?  I felt cheered by seeing that second feather, but still I doubted.  This “doubting Thomasina” said to herself, “well if I see a third white feather today” then that conclusively means that the Angels really ARE looking after me.

The third feather appeared as I was driving my car on my way home, from my local train station – it was a huge white feather painted on the back wind-screen of a car that I happened to be following.  All these feathers nicely placed as I was traveling, I have decided, WERE my sign that all will be well with me.   I give my thanks to my spiritual allies.

The Angels Sing

Now this will really peeve or spook some people.  After my experience of the three white feathers, the next day, I could feel some sort of energetic work being done on me as I was sleeping.  I knew that my physical body was being re calibrated or re-balanced, and after that, I got no more chest pains at all, and somehow I am now calm and not being emotional. I think that what happened is either that a link between my emotions and my body was removed, and / or that my emotions are now under control.

With the help of my spiritual allies, for which I am immensely grateful, I have now stopped trying to be so controlling to the “nth” degree, and have “let go”, something I have been aware for ages that I needed to do, but couldn’t until then.  I think that the sadness component also sometimes had a pinch of fear in it and perhaps a dose of anger, and that my compassion for things was stored un-healthily in my body, resulting in tenseness, and finally in the chest pain that I had been experiencing.

This event was the second “Miracle” that has happened to me, as far as I am concerned, in terms of my thought that a Miracle is a HUGE Life-changing event not orchestrated by me.  The first was when I was in the city about 9.30pm some thirty years ago, after having gone to a class, and somebody tried to abduct me.  The miracle ( to me anyway ) was that a Taxi driver was parked along a side road intersecting that main road where I was, and an Angel told him to look up at that moment.  That moment was seeing a man in a coat hunched behind me at the bus-stop with a knife at my back.

The taxi driver started up his car, and its headlights were like Heaven shining its light upon me.  The taxi driver drove slowly up to us and I jumped into the car, and am alive today, because of what I call this “miracle”, to tell this tale.  Having said that, Albert Einstein has wisely said:

There are 2 ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle: you can live as if everything is a miracle.

They say that the angels sing their praises to the Lord and there are theories about the “Music of the Spheres” and about different “choirs” of Angels.  Well I don’t care whether there are Cherubim or Thrones or anything like that, but I do think that there could be high frequency light beings that actually make music.

I have heard them.  One of my Starseed friends overseas once messaged me to say that he could “feel” music flowing from me, and one of my Guardian Angels is said to be Archangel Sandalphon who looks after music and prayer and those who play musical instruments ( in terms of different qualities of angelic energies and their “effects” ).

ArchangelSandalphoncardFrom Doreen Virtue’s  “Archangel Oracle Cards”


One day about ten years ago I was listening to a track called “Merkaba Spin” from an album called “Ascension Vortal by Crystalai.

I was in a dreamy state and at the end of the track, the music went REALLY loud and then it stopped and I heard the most beautiful, sublime, ethereal chant or music that I have ever heard in my life.  It was to me, without a doubt, angels singing.  What were they singing – well, they were singing one high note, a chant, as far as I can consciously remember.  Then the singing faded and a voice spoke to me in another language ( perhaps Anuhazi ).  I knew the voice was speaking to me about my mission on Earth.  Then it all ended and since then I have not heard it again, and what is more, after it I couldn’t even articulate what the voice said to me about my mission, hahaha.

That is odd you may think, but I think no, not really, because we know things subliminally or not at the conscious level until the information is fed into the consciousness, when needed.  Since then, there have been many clues, intuitions, inspirations, happenings and conversations which have shown me what my “mission” on Earth is.

But that is perhaps for me to explain another “time.”



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