The Animal and Super-hero in You & Reflecting on Entropy & Time

I decreed in THIS post that I would put up the RESULTS of the Animal Personality Quiz & the Hero Personality Quiz, and here they are below.

The Animal and Hero in You

My favourite animal at the Zoo is the Crocodile, and that is because in the mainstream “dog eat dog” world (so to speak metaphorically) rather than being small, meek & mild, which is what I believe people perceive me as being, I would like to be mean, green and lean. Well no, but I fancy myself being ruthless and strong and fearsome – of course only if I need to be !!

My twin sister’s favourite Zoo animal is the huge beautiful Galapagos Tortoise and she is happy with my reading or interpretation. She actually is a lot quieter than me, and quite placid like the Tortoise.

My favourite Super-hero is Batman and this is because he faces his fears, as I like to do. My sister’s fav is without a doubt, Spider-man, and this mainly is because he is given great power and has great responsibility with it. She also feels this.

Pardner’s favourite super-hero is Super-man. I don’t need to say more about that.

I did use to love Bat-fink as an aminated Hero, with his super-sonic radar to detect and report on objects and things. Did I say that I like Bats? Well, when I first studied at University in Australia, I completed a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Biology, which included catching bats, which was an interesting thing to do actually. That aside, I guess I liked Bat-fink and his side-kick Karate, because they were pretty cool and Bat-fink was an Animal hero cartoon figure. I like and respect animals in my own ways.

“My super-sonic sonar radar will help me!”

batfink_sonarSo, take the Quiz or Quizzes if you want to ( link below to a Word document with the Quizzes ), and share if you like, just for fun.

Animal and Super Hero Personality Quiz

At least, if you don’t, this Post has revealed that Her Majesty, Me, would honestly like to be a tough ferocious flying – thing. Something like below perhaps.

pterodactylThe BBC webiste says:

More commonly known as pterodactyls, pterosaurs were winged reptiles – the first vertebrates to evolve powered flight. The evidence for flight comes from their light hollow bones, large brains and an extremely long fourth digit providing wing support. The discovery of large numbers of fossil species indicates that pterosaurs were initially highly successful.

Well, I do have a light frame and have long fingers (said to be an indicator of being a creative person) and hopefully my brain size is big enough for what I need it for. I don’t like the part, however, about only INITIALLY being successful. Apparently the Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction event, or Cretaceous–Palaeogene extinction event ( AKA the KT Event ) about 66 million years ago wiped out the pterosaurs and the dinosaurs.


Every day I count my blessings and say “thank you” to “what’s out there” that is likely supporting me along my earthly travels, mindful that we are on a Planet that is orbiting the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy, which itself is hurtling through space.

I do believe that there is a “force for good” around, which could be called –

“The ultimate or foundational creative pattern for enlightenment in the Universe”.

By “Universe” there may well be multiple Universes, who knows? Anyhow, there are those who think there is no God or Divine force that gave rise to everything. They can think what they like, as can Her Majesty, Me.

What I think is that we know that we are inter-connected, i.e. we human beings are dependent upon the Earth’s resources and upon each other. We know that there are many different species on Earth and that some of them seem to have evolved.

What I think is that there must be a Pattern-maker behind all this, a raw or original creative force which erupted into matter and form, for the sake of it, and is trying to weave together patterns and templates so that its creations can – exist.

By EXIST I can only choose to read into, or interpret this, as EXISTING together in co-operation and comfort together. This is my arbitrary thought which I choose as reality for myself.

When I studied Science, I loved the concept of ENTROPY.

Entropy is a measure of the number of specific ways in which a thermodynamic system may be arranged, commonly understood as a measure of disorder.

Living beings are thermodynamic systems. Did you know that some Mathematicians are very spiritual people? They innately or instinctively realise that there is a “mathematics” behind matter and life on Earth. There may be an infinite number of combinations and permutations of things that happen, so why not choose the positive, the happy, the supportive and the good things to focus on?

What you focus on, GROWS ( not to say forget about the horrible things, but don’t dwell and despair over them ). Be POSITIVE at all times. If you like, pray to the “Super-hero” in the “force for Good”.

I have found that even if the going gets tough, I can focus upon things that I like and upon my good fortunes or blessings, and believe that what I am going through is transient and will pass, while looking out for opportunities for actions / thoughts, to bolster up my Spirits (however small or seemingly silly) and / or to move me forward literally or in physicality.

I think that the problem with regarding “time” as the “healer” is that human beings look at “time” as linear. I have come across many crying “lest we forget” and “time leaves wounds”. Many people choose to get into a space of being overly worried and scared when things go wrong. It is so important to believe in the positive in difficult situations.

If you are really worried or scared about something, one thought will lead to and feed another, and before you know it, there will be a snow-ball effect or a chain reaction and you will get stuck for a long time in a spiral of what you don’t like.

I like to live in the PRESENT, and to LEARN from the past. I instinctively know that being resentful of the “past” saps energy. I try to channel any anger I may have into researching & reflecting upon the “way things are” ( or seem to be ) and hopefully using that anger constructively, to plan and apply positive actions that I think will both help me and others.

I honestly think that “time” is a human construct of one moment after another – so that we human beings can try and make sense of things.

Her Majesty, Me believes that TIME is a spiral of affects or of experiences cum events in a multi-dimensional “World”, which actually all happen at the same time. It’s hard to explain, but I guess you can Google “simultaneous time” or ” no time Buddhism” to see what others on the internet say about it.

In my opinion, “time heals” in terms of “matter changes state” which occurs within a stream of consciousness from a “Force” which everything spirals from.

It’s up to each one of us WHERE / WHEN in that stream one’s own Life changes for the better after a “time” of stress or conflict – in other words it is up to each person HOW LONG it takes – and from my own experiences, a positive resolution occurs quicker if you think positively.

time doesn't exist